Results Made Greater

247 Nursing are a recruitment agency who were searching for an out-of-house team to completely overhaul their marketing efforts and provide the structure their complex business model required.

The challenge

They were looking for consistent market penetration for both B2C and B2B channels, generating leads from aspiring nurses and matching them to vacancies from large companies that required applicants to fit within specific qualification parameters. All with a minimal budget.

How we achieved this

Firstly, the Made Greater team decided on a full audit of the existing social channels and marketing efforts being carried out by the in-house team. As well as this, we looked into situation analysis of the market, more specifically regional and national competitors to accurately assess the company’s position within the nursing recruitment space landscape.

We quickly identified that 247 Nursing had a number of USP’s that other agencies couldn’t match and we focussed on those within our brand messaging. The organic content required refining to become more focussed on creating a sense of community and authority within the industry through a range of informative/educational posts and contextual humour.

We needed to gauge interest off the back of these defining characteristics and utilise the companies pre-existing knowledge of densely populated prospect regions to begin launching our ad campaigns- both for businesses and nurses alike. We heavily tested our interest targeting in order to understand who our perfect customer avatar was and allowed this data to shape our efforts going forward.

Through the tracking of standard events on site, we began to understand patterns in user behaviour and identified clear drop offs to which we addressed immediately. A/B testing of lead generation ads and redirects to site further highlighted key indicators of areas for improvement. Through these rigorous testing processes, we’ve been able to drive qualified leads consistently and enabled the 247 Nursing team to scale their operation as a result.