Results Made Greater

Itch provided us with an opportunity to be a part of an ambitious brand launch project with the intention of propelling their flea subscription service into the petcare space.

The challenge

They required an eclectic social presence growing across multiple channels and through both organic and paid mediums.

This was in tandem with a need to generate purchases quickly and acquire key insights from customer-brand interactions in order to better understand their market and scale their operation sustainably.

The results

Month-on-month, Itch have significantly increased their marketing efforts through the social channels we manage, spending hundreds of thousands on Facebook alone. The brand has seen an explosion of unique engagements with consumers and purchases have followed suit. They are now recognised as one of the market leaders within the petcare subscription space.

  • £ 500 k+ spent
  • 10.5 m Unique brand interactions
  • 88 k New customers

How we achieved this

We partnered with Itch shortly after inception; our first primary objective was to put in place a rigorous design and audience testing phase that would push the development and definition of an effective demand generation strategy. As part of this process, our efforts were focused on getting the Itch brand not just noticed, but taken seriously as an authoritative and reliable source of medical treatment for animals.

Pets are often seen as almost akin to family members and are therefore treated as such. So, education played a vital part in our messaging with the purpose of developing trust and enticing engagement from potential consumers. We began launching brand awareness campaigns to gauge intital reaction to creatives, while simultaneously assessing custom pixel events to measure interest and segment audiences to create customer profiles.

Through this process, we were able to formulate a clear understanding of the market and shape our ad strategy around a customer funnel that proved effective in converting cheaply and consistently. This incorporated initial brand exposure through to the post-conversion stage.

We knew that with an effective brand theme and ad system in place, we could take advantage of a short customer consideration cycle to regularly assess ad frequency and engagement ratings and make necessary optimsation adjustments.

Through the use of attribution analytics tools and key data insights, we have been able to assign accurate ROI value to our campaigns and, as a result, we have honed our strategies to resonate with our target audiences. Further to this, our prioritisation of continuous testing reflects the need to be adaptable in an ever-changing market.

Our focus continues to be placed on incremental improvements to ensure sustainability and reduce churn.