Results Made Greater

The challenge

Raleigh came to us with an exciting challenge; to generate immediate interest in a new addition to their broad range of bikes, the iconic Super Tuff Burner- from a standing start.

Raleigh wanted to drive a high-quality audience to their launch pages as well as generate a social buzz. A tall order for any product, they also wanted to do it for the minimum amount of budget.

The results

By leveraging our social channels and launching content at optimal times, we saw a huge spike in engagement and clicks. Through the careful construction of our promotional pieces, we managed to provide a sharp increase in purchases and raise signficant brand awareness within a matter of days.

  • 20 k link clicks from a single post
  • 32 k engagements in 2 days
  • 500 k social reach

How we achieved this

Owning a super turf-burner was a childhood dream for so many, and we knew straight away that the nostalgic, sentimental value of the product would provide leverage to be creative and drive purchases off the back of an emotional attachment to the product.

We needed to create content that resonated perfectly with our target audience. By leveraging our social channels and our nostalgia-based website (, we were able to position the Raleigh brand in front of over half a million people in the space of 2 days. Our in-house team of experienced writers produced articles that really hit the mark and the posts took off instantaneously.

Branded content allows for a less commercialised user experience whilst still being an effective method for driving conversions. It provides value to the user whilst subtlely pushing consumers towards a purchase. We structured the content as a funnel, using sequential customised native ads to direct readers towards the main product site without becoming spammy or overly commercial.

We used gamification elements to keep our audience engaged and increase time on site. This also provides a unique method to acquire leads for retargeting purposes and gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour.

Overall the process was a huge success and we continuously utilise a branded content element within our marketing strategies.