Leverage social channels to direct qualified traffic to your own tailor made content site for enhanced conversion performance.

Our approach to Branded Content

We find that this is an incredibly efficient process and adds another dimension to brands trying to find success in a competitive market. We design, build, launch and maintain a content site as an additional arm to your marketing efforts. By leveraging social channels to direct qualified traffic to your tailor-made content, we can build brand awareness, collect leads and drive conversions as part of a more engaging process than many traditional marketing strategies.

Interactive elements such as quizzes and polls (amongst others) keep users engaged and collect valuable market research that can be used to build consumer profiles and audience segments. This is on top of promoting additional content in return for user information such as email addresses. Customisable native ad units allow for creatives to form part of a sequential funnel to guide a user to a conversion. The content itself can take the form of short or long-form articles, news pieces, listicles and more. We can educate the reader on both the problem they face and provide them with a solution (your product/service) within a single session. In the long term, building a content site opens up an option for SEO and with it free traffic and passive income, all whilst providing a better experience for the user and a lower cost per acquisition.

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