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Our approach to Organic Social

Having a structured, well-thought out strategy for any organic channel is essential to both collecting audience data and using it to better your performance. Initially, we create a custom testing plan designed to identify what content resonates with your audience best. By doing this and breaking down the engagement data, we're able to assess our findings at a level of minutiae that reveals patterns in audience behaviour.

We use our abilities in content creation, we're able to promote your message and educate the market on your services/product through varients of written and visual content. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a consistency in the effectiveness of your organic content by honing in on what works and continuously looking for incremental improvements in order to stay relevant and avoid negative fluctuations in exposure.

As with any service offered by the Made Greater team, the client will be involved in the decision making processes. We aim to not only develop your brands social profiles into something you're immensely proud of, but ones that get results.

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